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Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon (digital)

Image of Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon (digital)


The Street Team unites the champions from Five different independent comics to face an adversary so dangerous that only by working together do they stand a chance. Grandmaster Oguun and his clan of conquerors known as the Silver Lords have taken Bridgeport City by storm with a large-scale surprise attack!

New alliances are being formed within the ranks of the criminal elite of the neighboring cities, working in concert with Oguun’s plan of complete and total domination!

Play as either Tiger (Urban Shogun), Stalker (New Jerusalem) or Dodger (Punx of Rage) as they join forces with Blackbird (Blackbird) and Aaron (A Hero's Diary) to fight their way into Bridgeport for a showdown with the unstoppable Oguun, the Iron Dragon!
Game Details:
- PC Only digital download
- 1-2 Players
- 4+ playable characters
- Call in Street Team Reinforcements to double your attack power
- Suitable for ages 12 and up
- 4 levels, + a Training Dojo to work on your skills