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StreetTeam Universe Guide Physical Copy

Image of StreetTeam Universe Guide Physical Copy


The Almighty StreetTeam are a band of vigilantes and urban warriors with a common cause, to stand together against the threats that can't be tackled alone.

One such threat is the warlord known as Oguun "The Iron Dragon." A power hungry despot whose dream of destroying an entire city in order to rebuild it as his own has come to fruition. Fusing the criminal masterminds and their resources from the neighboring cities surrounding the Bridgeport area was the first step in his master plan that would benefit all participants. A deal that was expertly brokered by Oguun himself in exchange for their service. A deal that would include each of them keeping their lives.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the StreetTeam Universe Guide. A peek at the characters that are the heart & soul of the StreetTeam Saga.

Full Color

28 Pages

10.00 and this includes shipping and handling

We hope you enjoy.