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The Almighty StreetTeam Package Deal


The package deal is on sale right here. We currently have the Almighty StreetTeam books 0 and 1 packaged with the Almighty StreetTeam Universe Guide.

The 0 and 1 issue are the first blazing chapters of the StreetTeam Saga. The maniacal despot Oguun has taken over the city of Bridgeport. Leaving a trail of destruction and a city reeling and vulnerable. Oguun is poised to move forward with his plan of total an absolute domination.

The Almighty StreetTeam Universe guide gives you an indepth profile and bio of all the characters you can expect to see in the Almighty StreetTeam Universe.
(A definite must have)

It's 25.00 dollars for the set and that includes shipping and handling.